While past decades inspire my designs, the art of handmaking high quality bespoke garments is a ritual I also want to bring back. Here are a few ways in which Non Manon is working towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

  • Non Manon is a circular fashion brand - this means I create long-lasting pieces using mostly recycled materials at a very small scale, to make sure the production has a limited impact on the environment.
  • I only source vintage, deadstock and sustainable GOTS-approved fabrics in small quantities. My main goal is to create beautiful garments from materials that have already been produced and aren't being used.
  • My made-to-order model ensures that we don't produce any waste.
  • I don't use factories or warehouses - everything is produced in our seamstress' home studio and managed and shipped by me, the founder.
  • Most of my packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.
  • My clothes are lovingly handmade to last.