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5 Minute Talks: mixing prints and shopping sustainably with Izzy Manuel

Chemistry student and fashion blogger Izzy Manuel is a must-follow if your Instagram feed is in need of a generous pop of color. Recently, we chatted about her style inspirations, sustainable shopping tips, and how to (successfully) wear head-to-toe Depop. Growing up, who was your first source of style inspiration and why? That's a hard one, my style has changed so much over the years, but I would say my style is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Megan Ellaby. Audrey's sense of style is just so classic and just so timeless. She makes every outfit look flawless! I've followed Megan for the longest of times, her style is just so funky and colourful and she plays around with a mixture...

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Head in the clouds: Brigitte Bardot's lessons on airport style

Brigitte Bardot: iconic french icon, messy hair queen and the one person who always looked good when she was at the airport. Catching a flight used to be a big thing back then - or so she made it seem, with her impeccable outfits that, to this day, inspire us to leave the sweatpants at home and bring a sexy printed coat instead. From notes on how to accessorize to the magical powers of a pantsuit, these are the style lessons to learn from the french actress. Never forget your beret. Not all (french) women wear berets, but Bardot used to bring hers to the airport all the time. We can't really claim that they protect our ears from the pressure...

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