5 Minute Talks: an Interview with Thrift Queen and SATC fan, Mathilde Clauzet

If Carrie Bradshaw was a Parisian influencer, her wardrobe would be full of vintage and she'd call herself Mathilde Clauzet. I can't remember how Mathilde and I found each other, but her feed inspires me on a daily basis, and so does her passion for an ethical fashion industry. Keep scrolling to read our conversation about sustainability and second-hand gems!

When did you first become interested in fashion?

I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a little girl. I think I was very inspired by what my mom was wearing at that time. In the early 2000s, I was 7 and I would wear my mom’s shoes (obviously too big for me) all around the house.
I was also inspired by The Devil Wears Prada, and from age 10 to 15 I dreamed of either becoming editor-in-chief at a fashion magazine or a stylist. I watched every runway show on Vogue and kept files on my computer with my favorite looks!

I know your passion for sustainability started when you realized it was closely tied to feminist issues. What do you wish everyone knew about fast fashion, and what do you think is a first step we can all take towards a more sustainable industry?

I wish people were more aware of mistreatments in sweatshops. Most scandals are kept silent, so if you’re not really interested in the topic, you won't hear about it. Brands and suppliers must be fully exposed.
As for consumers, the first step is to buy less. By buying less, you tell the brand you want it to produce less. If it produces less, production rates decrease. Workers will then have less pressure and will be treated better. The brand will also have time to focus on the construction of the garment and its material.

You love wearing vintage! What shopping advice do you have for someone who wants to start looking for second-hand treasures?

Don’t think you’ll find treasures right away. Sometimes thrifting takes time and that’s a good thing! I know some people are scared of microbes or whatever in the clothes and shoes. But you’ll wash them... so don’t let that restrain you.
Also, even though second-hand is less expensive than new products, it’s not a reason for over-purchasing. Shopping can become an addiction, even second-hand!

There's an amazing list of sustainable brands on your website. Nowadays, what do you look for in a brand you want to support?

Thank you so much for checking my website! I want the brand to understand that sustainable fashion is still FASHION. Their products must be desirable. The world has become a very insecure and hard place, so we need to keep having fun with fashion.

And the hardest question of all: what's your favorite item from your closet at the moment?

Tough question indeed! I think it’s my Jackie. I absolutely love Gucci and I purchased a monogrammed Jackie on Vestiaire Collective in May. I love that it’s so elegant, yet casual. It’s a small bag but not that small! Just perfect.


This interview was first published in the Non Manon biweekly newsletter. You can find Mathilde on Instagram and visit her website here!

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