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Head in the clouds: Brigitte Bardot's lessons on airport style

Brigitte Bardot: iconic french icon, messy hair queen and the one person who always looked good when she was at the airport. Catching a flight used to be a big thing back then - or so she made it seem, with her impeccable outfits that, to this day, inspire us to leave the sweatpants at home and bring a sexy printed coat instead. From notes on how to accessorize to the magical powers of a pantsuit, these are the style lessons to learn from the french actress.

Never forget your beret.

Not all (french) women wear berets, but Bardot used to bring hers to the airport all the time. We can't really claim that they protect our ears from the pressure in the airplane, but they do look good nonetheless, which is as good of an excuse as any.

When in doubt, suit up.

Nothing says business mode like a pantsuit, and looking like you've got no time for annoying fans and the paparazzi (while also looking really good for their cameras) is something that can be achieved with this outfit. The sunglasses are, of course, necessary to avoid the flashes and the sunlight after a long nap.

Don't be afraid of prints.

Airplanes usually look pretty boring, so wearing a fun print is a great way to make sure all cameras focus on you once you walk down the stairs. Brigitte Bardot used to love her animal printed coats, especially if they were lined with fur.

The only way you're wearing tights is if they're actually above the knee boots.

Who needs tights, anyway? Catherine Deneuve would disagree, but Bardot was one of those cool girls who never seemed to be cold - and that might be because you rarely found her without a pair of pretty tall black boots.

Wear a cape - you're flying, after all.

Not all heroes wear capes, but this one definitely did. Also, note that gorgeous little white beaded bag she's holding - how lovely is that? If, like Brigitte, you're looking for a mini bag to wear with your airport-cape, there's a lovely selection of them here.

All pictures are from Pinterest.

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