5 Minute Talks: the vintage pieces Marie Heyman can't live without

If you asked me to name my top 5 style influences, Marie Heyman's name would be up there. I can't remember exactly how I found her Instagram a few years ago, but the Copenhagen-based stylist has been one of my favorite creatives to follow on the platform ever since. From her effortlessly cool outfits to her incredible vintage finds, we discuss a little bit of everything on this interview I'm excited to finally share.

When did you first become interested in fashion, and how did your career in the industry begin?

I have always been interested in the fashion industry. I grew up with a mom who is a former designer, an aunt who still is a designer and a sister who's a jewelry designer. So I've always heard about the industry and found it very interesting.
I started my career assisting at the former fashion magazine, Cover. After my time at Cover I started assisting at another fashion magazine, Eurowoman, for about 8 months, and then I got a job as a fashion editor at Costume. I was at Costume for 2,5 years until I started my own company as a freelance stylist, and that’s what I'm doing now.

As a stylist, does sustainability play a part in your job?

Yes, it definitely does; it’s very important for me to collaborate with brands that are sustainable. In my personal wardrobe, some of my clothes are high fashion pieces and then I own a lot of vintage. That’s how I try to be as sustainable as possible.

I feel like you can either be wearing a bright, print-clashing outfit, or something neutral and more laidback. Is there a thought process when it comes to putting a look together?

Yes, that’s true. I can be really playfull and I can be really classy - it depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes I just feel like putting a lot of colors together – I love mixing items that would normally never fit together, but somehow do in the end. And sometimes I just want to wear a black suit with some loafers or boots and then add some fun accessories.

As a vintage lover, do you have any shopping tips for someone who wants to start purchasing second-hand pieces?

One of the things I really love about vintage, besides the sustainable aspect, is that all pieces are unique. You get an item that no one else has. I love having a personal style and you can really create that personal style if you're wearing vintage. But my advice is to buy the pieces you think you can’t live without, and style them in your own way. It’s so much more fun to have a personal style than to look like everyone else.

And finally, the tough question I ask everyone: what's your favorite item from your closet at the moment?

That is tough! I think it’s my red coat from a vintage store called Bakkekilde in the center of Copenhagen. I got it as a birthday gift last year and I really love it because it’s so unique.

This interview was first published in the Non Manon biweekly newsletter. You can find Marie on Instagram here!

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