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5 Minute Talks: Jordyn Mooney on her sustainable fashion journey and the best vintage shops on Instagram

Content creator Jordyn Mooney is one of my favorite style influencers to follow on Instagram: she has a knack for playing with colors while keeping a cool, laidback ensemble, knows where the best vintage stores are, and will give you easy-to-follow style tips so you can start your planet-loving fashion journey (and look good in the process). In this interview, Jordyn tells me all about her fashion influences, her most recent vintage find, and the things she looks for in ethical fashion brands.

When did you become interested in fashion, and who was the first person to influence your style?

I've been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. I always picked out my own clothes at the store and dressed myself and would make my mom take photos of me (clearly nothing has changed). This one pair of pants were to die for and I remember them so vividly - low-rise, corduroy kick-flare pants with vertical stripes of various thicknesses and various shades of beige, brown and maroon. Since I was born in 1996, I would assume that my first style icon was Britney Spears or X-Tina; though I've always valued having my own personal style.

How did you get into sustainable fashion?

There was no clear time when I consciously decided to explore sustainable fashion, and I am still in the beginning of that journey! I, like most people, have shopped at places like Urban Outfitters and Zara for years. As I got older, something about fast fashion didn't sit right with me. I was starting to realize that their super on-trend clothing could only be this price if the money was coming from somewhere else, i.e. poor wages and workplace conditions for their overseas employees that are actually making the clothing.
Beyond the poor work conditions for many fast fashion employees, I prefer to support smaller brands over big corporations. A lot of sustainable and made-to-order brands are inherently small due to the pace at which they make their products. I always like to support brands that are run with love by a real person that puts their heart and soul into their business, even if that means higher retail price and longer shipping waits.

As a consumer, what do you look for in a brand you want to support?

I have to admit that I need to get better on doing my own research before supporting a brand. Most of what I know comes from popular news and sustainable fashion gurus that I follow on IG, like @yemagz. However in an ideal world, I'd prefer all my clothing to come from brands that pay ALL of their employees a living wage, are socially ethical (aka no homophobic/transphobic racist owners please) and have protocols for producing as little waste as possible.

I know you love thrifting. Do you have any favorite shops, apps or platforms to find second-hand gems?

My preferred method of finding great second-hand pieces is going to a thrift store in person and just spending hours sifting through. I find it surprisingly relaxing and it's so rewarding when you find a diamond in the rough. When your local Goodwill opens up (or when you feel comfortable going) set aside 2 hours and just see what unique little pieces you can find.
As for online shops, I don't necessarily have a favorite Etsy or Depop shop. Usually I'll have one specific piece that I want that I'll scour the internet for. My most recent goal was an Emilio Pucci shoulder bag, which I found on @dammivintage. Other solid curated vintage shops that I've been browsing for years are @holythrift and @iamthat_shop.

And finally, the tough question: what's your favorite item from your closet at the moment?

You're right this is super tough BUT, I think I'd have to say these wide-legged beige pants by Arthur Apparel, bought on Lisa Says Gah. They're so versatile, truly love.

This interview was first published in the Non Manon biweekly newsletter. You can find Jordyn on Instagram here!

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