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4 steps you should take before buying new clothes

Finding a new piece of clothing is like falling in love all over again - there's the discovery of something new, the excitement over all the possibilities, and an entire future we can dream of in just a matter of seconds. But like most relationships, our journey with a garment can be tricky - and while most don't last forever, the goal should always be to pick the one that feels right, and make the experience as enjoyable and long-lasting as we possibly can.

When we choose to purchase an item, we're not only adding a new piece of clothing to our wardrobe, we're also supporting a brand's practices (whether they're good or harmful), picking something we'll hopefully wear for a long time, and making a decision that will impact the lives of many people and the environment.

To make sure you're taking the right step before saying "I do", here are four things you can do before making that purchase.

1. Look at the stuff you already own. 

Try to figure out if there's something you could fix or transform before you consider giving it away/buying another one. Sometimes, all it takes is a few stitches. Also, see if there are any pieces you no longer wear in your closet - you could sell them to make room for the new ones (and spruce up someone else's closet in the process).

2. Can you find it second-hand?

If you're looking for basics - a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a black skirt -, chances are you can find what you're looking for at a vintage or thrift store. No matter how ethically our clothes are made, second-hand should always be your first resource - you can always leave your new clothes credit for those one-of-a-kind pieces you wouldn't find anywhere else, like my Hedy blouse.💕

3. Do some research on the brand's mission and sustainability practices.

Unless they clearly state they're sustainable or have a page where they address that subject (and even then, it should be thoroughly investigated, since greenwashing is a thing), they probably aren't ethical.

4. Ask yourself "Can this item stay in my wardrobe for many years?"

This tip comes from influencer Claudia Andersen, who told me in this interview that she asks herself this question before buying another piece of clothing. You have to look at your clothes like the investments they are, and determine if they'll be here for the long run - at the end of the day, longetivity should always be the goal. If you're planning on only wearing them twice or know they'll no longer serve you in one year, then it's a no-no.

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